Raspi Bulldozer


A while ago, we worked on a custom project that included Raspberry Pi embedded computer. As a proof of concept we've built a small toy bulldozer, that uses some of the features later also used in that project.

We basically created almost complete IoT device with that Pi:

  • It can act as a hotspot,
  • it runs web management site,
  • it uses TCP/IP sockets in C++,  
  • it uses WebSockets with Java


Buffer Overlows


In the light of recent events with the WannaCry ransomware, I dug up my old article from 2004. The principles and logic are still valid today. Since I haven't done this in a while, I will immediatelly start with the code snippet written in C:

Tia Portal Service Pack 2


The long overdue service pack 2 for the TIA Portal V13 has finally arrived. It is huuuge, alltogether with WinCC takes more than 20 Gigabytes.

However, the main question remains: Does it solve more bugs than it actually introduces? :-)

I am really interested to see if there is some improvement regarding GRAPH and Safety. 



Password Management with KeePass



Recent events in the industry concerning security forced me to rethink my password handling strategy. It's been due for a long time, but I somehow always managed to evade it :-) This changed after an old buddy got his Iphone hacked. Additionally, Dropbox hack proved to be the real thing. As if that was not enough, even Yahoo admitted to being hacked back in 2014.

Electric car



Finally. My first electric car.

Used and with poor batteries, but nonetheless electric.

And it's fun to drive. Real fun. No starting or stopping, no engine roaring on traffic light, only smooth driving.