We are offering complete system & process automation for the industry. Small to medium sized automation projects are our specialty. Siemens Simatic is the product line of our choice.


S7-1200 Controller

Siemens new product line



Automation process is developed in the following steps:

  • Industrial process analysis
  • Automation process engineering
  • Hardware purchase & delivery
  • Software development
  • Deployment and test run
  • Testing and possible debugging
  • Maintenance & Upgrades


Additional to the automation, we are also offering touch capable human machine interfaces. They're commonly used to configure and monitor automation process.


HMI Touch Panel

Human Machine Interface Touch Panel


As a special offer, we are also developing mobile applications for remote monitoring & control. They are implemented on Android phones in graphical mode or using text messaging (SMS) on all other mobile platforms.


Our products are price acceptable and produced with great care and quality. If you need it automated, contact us!