First is first:

Back Key for UNDO
MENU key for more options


  • NEW: Background can be changed by change background option in the menu. This works also when picture is set  as a background!


  • NEW: DrawPad now supports setting your drawing as the wallpaper. Just go to Menu->Set As Wallpaper!


  • Picture saving IS supported! Choose Menu -> Save to save the picture in standard PNG format readable on PC or MAC. You can also type in the filename when prompted.


  • DrawPad supports saving of drawings to the phone's SD card. Pictures can be found in/sdcard/Pictures folder either by browsing the phone or connecting to PC. Some HTC's will even browse this pictures in built-in gallery.


  • When Menu->Load option is selected, all *.PNG files in /sdcard/Pictures will be loaded in the list.


  • DrawPad supports two graphic layers. This means background is one layer and your drawing is second layer. You can easily change background without disturbing your drawing. When saved, image is flattened - you'll have whole picture as background layer. When picture is taken, it will be set as the background.


  • Taking photographs works perfectly on HTC's. Other phones might experience some problems due to lack of camera support until Android 2.2. If you experience force closes when taking photos, please REPORT the problem to android Market. It will save us both some time.


  • Eraser works by setting your current brush color to the exact same color as the background. You can "turn it off" by selecting some other brush color


  • When using "Share" functionality some phones will have listed "MMS Messages" application and some won't. For those that won't (HTC), use "Share as MMS" menu option.


  • Undo is limited to 5 undos due to limited phone memory


  • Shake 2 Clear function can be enabled in Menu -> Toggle Shake2Clear. It is OFF by default, because some phone do not contain motion sensors.


  • I am happy to answer all of your questions. Please mail them. If some questions will get repeated, I will post them here. Remember, that software can only be improved with user's feedback!