Electric car



Finally. My first electric car.

Used and with poor batteries, but nonetheless electric.

And it's fun to drive. Real fun. No starting or stopping, no engine roaring on traffic light, only smooth driving. 

I've been waiting a long time for an affordable electric city vehicle. This is probably the reason why I bought this one. To get the thing going, several (read: countless) hours were spent under the hood. Electric installation needed re-wiring, electric motor controller needed fixing and even lights got replaced to more suitable LED technology. Hell, I even changed busted fuse holders and ignition switch! But it was worth it - there's nothing like cruising the city in an all-electric vehicle. Peaceful. Even in the thickest traffic jam at 4:00 PM. wink  

My car "Yellow"  charging freely at the FERI sponsored "gas station"


Let me give you some technical details: 

  • 7,5 kW AC induction motor (3 Phase)
  • SEVCON Gen4 AC Motor Controller 350 Amps (Yeah, now I know how to program & configure Sevcon controllers!)
  • Max speed: 70 km/h
  • Battery Voltage: 72 Volts


Side view showing important feature for day-to-day use: 4 Doors!

I can hardly wait to get my new battery pack delivered smiley