Overlay Filesystem on Raspi



Embedded systems should be resilient. I mean really resilient. They need to survive power cycles, accidental power loss, harsh environments and a lot of other unexpected stuff. In this regard SD card used by Raspberry Pi can be a little problematic. Especially since there are a lot of "useless"  write operations that can be avoided, thus significantly prolonging memory card's life. Following on that, a read-only filesystem on Raspbian can be configured as there is already support for the Overlay Filesystem since the kernel version 3.18.8.

PostgreSQL database profiling



The last few days I've been trying to performance-tune one of our applications. Being database intensive, it was only naturally to try to optimize database queries. 

To enable query logging, postgresql configuration should be updated like this. Note the configuration folder on Centos 7 distribution. 

In the postgresql.conf file, next lines under "ERROR REPORTING AND LOGGING" section need to be modified.

Glulam Control



We successfully finished the design and implementation of the control software for the production of glued laminated timber. Our package controls the complete production line, from material handling and input to final packaging of the product. Here are few goodies.

One of the overview screens in the Web GUI, showing primary input material selection

Centos and Masquerading



The other day I had weird problems with masqueraded connections. Certain HTTP connections were simply going deaf after a random amount of time. The behaviour seemed random at first, but then I discovered that only specific webservers like or are affected. 

The server, doing the masquerading was based on Centos 7. It was also using the new FirewallD system, so I thought the problem might be there. Normally, I wouldn't bother, but this one somehow didn't let me sleep. 

New Icon!



Locator has a new icon!

I know, it's an ancient piece of software and it was only used as a proof of concept. But still, it's not yet forgotten and if I find some spare time, we will add support for OpenStreetMap.