Raspi Bulldozer


A while ago, we worked on a custom project that included Raspberry Pi embedded computer. As a proof of concept we've built a small toy bulldozer, that uses some of the features later also used in that project.

We basically created almost complete IoT device with that Pi:

  • It can act as a hotspot,
  • it runs web management site,
  • it uses TCP/IP sockets in C++,  
  • it uses WebSockets with Java


Raspberry Pi Toy Bulldozer

  • it controls devices over Serial Port (in bulldozer case these are the motors),
  • it can relay video stream from the tiny camera
  • it has own power supply from rechargeable batteries and 
  • it's fun.


The picture above shows the small creature :-) On the video below, you can even see it in action. The black cable on the side is the power supply, as the batteries were empty at the time.



Looking from bulldozer's perspective over the Android smartphone. Video stream is being relayed over TCP/IP.  




You can see the bulldozer is heading for the trash can by the wall. The circle in the middle is used as a remote control tool. With radius you can control the speed, whereas the position in the circle will turn the bulldozer left or right. Positions in the circle near EAST and WEST directions are meant for turning on the spot, as the bulldozer has caterpillars and not wheels. 

DISCLAIMER: Project contains also open source software from several other sources.